How to hire a hacker


How to hire a hacker

Postby kostyanj » Tue Apr 08, 2003 11:51 am

Hiring a Hacker FAQ
Section 0: Basic understanding.
0.0: Won't my hacker break into my computer and steal my trade secrets?
No. Hackers aren't, contrary to media reporting, the people who break into computers. Those are crackers. Hackers are people who enjoy playing with computers. Your hacker may occasionally circumvent security measures, but this is not malicious; she just does it when the security is in her way, or because she's curious.
0.1: Was it a good idea to hire a hacker?
It depends on the job. A hacker can be dramatically more effective than a non-hacker at a job, or dramatically less effective. Jobs where hackers are particularly good are:

Systems administration
Jobs where hackers are particularly bad are:

Data entry
More generally, a job that requires fast and unexpected changes, significant skill, and is not very repetitive will be one a hacker will excel at. Repetitive, simple jobs are a waste of a good hacker, and will make your hacker bored and frustrated. No one works well bored and frustrated.

The good news is, if you get a hacker on something he particularly likes, you will frequently see performance on the order of five to ten times what a "normal" worker would produce. This is not consistent, and you shouldn't expect to see it all the time, but it will happen. This is most visible on particularly difficult tasks.

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RE Jobs

Postby Eric Bland » Sat Aug 21, 2004 4:36 pm

Good to clear up the confusion. The eaasiest way to put it is that hackers are the goodguys, and crackers are the badguys. Or is it the other way around.

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Postby Daedalus » Sun Aug 22, 2004 6:24 am

no, you had it right. havent you ever heard that when, say a game, can play without a CD "it has a crack for it". And when cool little tips are found to boost performance in Windows and other programs that "new hacks have been found"?
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Postby virus » Fri Sep 24, 2004 11:07 am

Crackers? Thats new to me. So hackers are not the "bad guys." i guess you learn something new everyday.
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Postby TOP1yuiop » Sun Sep 26, 2004 1:32 am

i found that out a while ago when i thought how cool it would be to be a hacker adn went all over the internet looking for site to tell me how to hack lol i was only like 10 saying (raise voice octaves like 5 levels higher) "I'm gonna be a hacker!"
ya hackers are basically just programmers who are kinda alternitive in their intrests....
and crackers, are just out for money and stealing.
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Postby Emo185 » Fri Oct 29, 2004 12:25 pm

hackers are good, crackers are bad, i can live with that.
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Postby lbreevesii » Wed Feb 02, 2005 10:44 am

to be even more specific:

cracker- a hacker who hacks for malicious purposes. to cause harm or damage to other people that may cost them money.

hacker- someone who breaks into computers for the express purpose of exploration, personal fulfillment, and just for plain fun!
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Postby DELETED » Mon Mar 28, 2005 2:52 pm


Postby DnH500 » Mon Mar 28, 2005 6:57 pm

cthomas10uk wrote:sorry for being a nOOb but id like to no ow to become a hacker are there easier ways of becoming one and do i need to become a hacker
thank you very much if you could get back to me :D

Learn a programming language
Get to know other OS's, Linux and other unix based OS's
Buy several books, and read, practice and execute (and repeat lol)
Learn how things work, the internet, a computer, operating systems ect ect

...Get involed in the script kiddie scene: using keyloggers on your friends (wow, i mean a 11 can do that). Guessing passwords ect.
...Get to deep so fast, it takes time to learn.

You should know as well if your going to be a cracker, real crackers dont get caught. And also Remember make it fun! or theres no point learning this stuff
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Re: How to hire a hacker

Postby shifty » Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:46 pm

I had a class a few years ago (math class) with an older gentleman, probably in his mid 30s (well, older than I... I was only 18 at the time)
and all of us had to introduce ourselves and whatnot. Well, when it got around the circle to this gentleman, all I remember him saying was
"I WUN BE A HACKA.. LIKE DA GUY FROM ENEMY UH DUH STATE." I laugh about that moment till this day, and still talk about it with my friends.
It was pretty funny, but hey.. at least he's got goals.
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