Help please!!! i have the xp antivirus 2008 virus!!!

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Help please!!! i have the xp antivirus 2008 virus!!!

Postby mattpurves » Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:46 pm

I have resently found ways of bringing this virus down bit by bit, i have disabled start up commands in msconfig, removed various files in system 32 which it seemed to be running off of, ran spyware, registry scanners and a virus scanner to try and detect these files, i have managed to detect and quentine the malware which was found, but there are still traces on my pc which i dont know how to get rid of, such as, when i use the internet and go on google and search a certain topic, when i click a link it doesnt go 2 that link i click, it comes up with a bran new window explorer page in front of the window im already on, and takes me sumwhere else or it gos 2 a blank page, this prevents me from using the web, as i cant reaserch anything, can someone please help me, id be very greatful thanks, Matt
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Re: Help please!!! i have the xp antivirus 2008 virus!!!

Postby jill8beans2 » Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:24 pm

Did you ever get your computer figured out? I had this virus, but when I installed Cyberdefender on my systim, it scanned and showe d I had this. I upgraded to paid version of CYberdefender cause it was such a great software and it's been nothing but great. Good luck.
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