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Postby Surikas » Wed Aug 22, 2007 4:40 am

thought this might be out of interest to someone:

According to US recruitment site has been hacked yesterday. It was a new Trojan, called Infostealer.Monstres. Strange enough, that such a low profile Trojan managed to steal over 1.6 million entries with personal information belonging to more than 400 thousands of people. Trojan appears to be using the data of a number of recruiters to login, of course this data seems to be stolen, and then it performs searches for resumes of candidates located in specific territories. Personal data of these candidates is then sent to a remote server, which is under the control of the hackers. Names, surnames, e-mail addresses, countries and home addresses, as well as phone numbers and resume ID's were stolen. Such a huge database is a spammer's dream. Let's hope it was stopped at the right moment and noone will get spammed.
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