What Would You Like To See In Linux?

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What Would You Like To See In Linux?

Postby zaki » Thu Nov 08, 2007 6:00 am

Linux has proven to be an equally competent, if not better operating system than the over-rated Windows platform. However, despite the credibility of Linux, there are just some things that we can't do on Linux but vice-versa on Windows, or even Mac. The new Vista OS looks great and will definitely put Microsoft up on its game, given its sophisticated look but will this spell the end for Linux?

So, for Linux to actually beat Microsoft (or even Mac, if you want to...) or to even come back in the game and now become Vista's ultimate competitor, what does Linux need? Is Fedora good enough? Is SuSe good enough? Is Ubuntu good enough? Or will there be some obscure Linux platform that people will need to customise to make sure this happens?

So, drop your thoughts here and make it count. If we can run Windows programmes (like my ever crucial Visio) on Linux, that would be great. Whaddya think? What would you like to see in Linux?
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