WHAT is wrong with WHICH clock in my machine?

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WHAT is wrong with WHICH clock in my machine?

Postby Monat » Tue Oct 16, 2007 3:00 am

I posted a thread many months ago, when my desktop clock (the KDE applet) was consistently 3 hours off, despite my timezone being correct and my BIOS clock being also correct.

Since then, I got that straightened out (off the top of my head I can't recall how, but it had something to to with the timezone and/or 'localtime/UTC').

The problem now:

Desktop clock applet is correct.
BIOS clock is correct.
The DATE command shows:
sasha@darkstarSSI:~$ date
Thu Sep 27 15:25:18 UTC 2007 (correct)

But I have noticed lately that my cron-jobs are running 3 hours late!?!

In the interest of saving electricity, I have been shutting down the computer most nights. I have it set to turn on by RTC at 6:45am because the daily backups are done by cron starting at 7:00am. However, by the time I get on the computer and then 10:00am rolls around, the darned backups start going.

AaAaAaRgh!! LOL, does anyone have a suggestion as to what the heck is wrong with which aspect of which time-keeper in this machine?? Maybe something to do with the hctosys or systohc on boot or shutdown? I don't know. And on the subject of the systohc and hctosys, do I *really* need either/both of them? Isn't the BIOS clock enough? Or maybe hctosys on boot, but no systohc on shutdown?

It's Slackware 11, E2160, umm.. The RTC is onboard, not external.. Not much else relevant to this..

Thanks! :D
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