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Add-in A-Tools: Sharing and Management Excel Workbook on the

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:38 pm
by atoolspro

A-Tools is an add-in software which runs on Microsoft Excel. A-Tools has the following functions :

Sharing Workbooks, Worksheets, Ranges on the network:
With A-Tools allows editing and managing Excel workbook on the network. Users to manage Excel workbook powerful on the network, allow connect to the spreadsheet over TCP/IP (not full share folder – Excel’s way), manage connections to the data ranges, setting rights for each user group: read only, edit, limit how many people are connected ,....,When data is changed on worksheet then other computers in the network are updated immediately (after about ~ 1 millisecond).

Query data on the worksheet: Add-in A-Tools can create dynamic reports by using the functions to query the database (DB) with T-SQL language. It also allowers users to connect to the internal and external database such as Excel, Access, Foxpro, MS SQL, MySQL and Firebird,… for instance. The “SQL Builder” helps users to create a query formula (with BS_SQL function) easily and efficiently. Users are able to create highly sophisticated worksheets which are filtered according to various conditions and associated with different data sources. In that way, accuracy, stability and high speed are ensured.

The main functions:

• Create Server (Excel Server)
• Manage Server
• Create ranges in worksheet for sharing on the network
• Build Groups and Users to access/connect to
• Setup rights for groups
• Manage list of users connected
• Connect to Server (Excel Client)
• Manage Clients
• Connect to the Excel range to read/edit/format
• View list of users connecting and chatting
• Function support for editing and updating data on server
• Managing Excel reports on the network (LAN), supporting commands: Check; Approve; Dis-Approve. Under each command the user is not allowed to copy data, print, modify report.
• Manage the history Excel files in the server, users can open them again if they have the right.
• Query data on worksheet
• Connect to the external database: Excel, Access, MySQL, Firebird,…
• Create dynamic report
• Build query formula BS_SQL() by “SQL Builder”
• Create function for Function BS_SQL()
• Query and link data to Server by BS_SQL() function
• Create statistical formulas with multiple conditions
• Convert text, number to words
• Developers can program their applications with A-Tools.

A-Tools running on versions of Excel 2000/XP/2003/2007/2010 or higher.

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