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Type-In Domains

Postby Tappara » Wed Dec 06, 2006 2:46 pm

How exactly do type-in domains work?

If your domain is redexample.com, does that mean if someone searches for ""red example"" they automatically go to your site?

Or is it if they type in ""red example"" into the url field of the browser? Or do they have to type in ""redexample""?

If in the browser, do they have to do the .com? If they don't, what about .net, and the rest?

And which would be better? redexample.com or red-example.com?"
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Postby James » Fri Jan 19, 2007 12:52 am

redexample.com would be better than red-example.com
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Postby mike69 » Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:13 am

red-example.com will be much better because when you are using some symbols it becomes complicated for an user to type and for some how if it is possible then we have to avoid " _,.-" and some special characters because when you search something in google it will show you the results without special characters..if you want to buy a domain then follow this..
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Re: Type-In Domains

Postby hussaingreat2 » Mon Jun 14, 2010 4:04 pm

redexample is easy to type easy to search easy to remember
so make it redexample have nice domain

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