HP Printing System for Windows for Reinstallation

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HP Printing System for Windows for Reinstallation

Postby matthewforu » Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:27 am

For instructions to completely deinstall the printer driver from a computer, use the document, "HP DeskJet 670 and 690 Series Printers - How to Completely Deinstall the HP DeskJet v 9.03 Printer Driver."
Microsoft (R) Windows 9x
To minimally remove the HP DeskJet Printing System for Windows - v 9.03 driver to do a clean reinstallation on a Windows 9X system, follow the steps below.
1. Restart Windows 9X to "release" driver files that may be tied up from unsuccessful print attempts.
2. Select Start, Settings, Printers, and delete the HP DeskJet 670C or 690C Series Printer. When prompted if the printer should be deleted, select Yes. When prompted whether to delete files used only by this printer that are no longer needed, select Yes.
3. Exit and restart Windows 9X. (Hint: In the Shutdown menu, select Restart The Computer, hold down the SHIFT key, and select Yes to speed up the restart.)
NOTE: If a New Hardware Found message or Update Device Driver Wizard appears, select Cancel in that window.
4. To ensure a clean reinstallation, first close any unnecessary programs that are running on the computer using the steps below.
a. On the keyboard, press CTRL + ALT + DEL to retrieve the Close Program window.
b. Highlight any program in the list (except Explorer and Systray) and select End Task.
c. Repeat Steps a and b until all programs (except Explorer and Systray) are closed.
d. Once the list shows only Explorer and Systray, select Cancel to close the Close Program window.
5. Reinstall the printer driver by selecting Start, Settings, Printers, and double-clicking Add Printer.
6. Select Next in the Add Printer Wizard window.
7. If a window appears asking how the printer is connected to the computer, select Local Printer and select Next.
8. In the Manufacturers and Printers window, select Have Disk.
9. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the installation.
NOTE: If a New Hardware Found message or Update Device Driver Wizard appears during the installation, choose Cancel in that window and continue with the Printer installation.
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