Dvd Drive Not Reading Any Blank Dvds Properly?

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Dvd Drive Not Reading Any Blank Dvds Properly?

Postby JustMcCollum » Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:43 pm

I have a Memorex LightScribe Multi-Formatted DVD recorder and I am experiencing some difficulties with it. My DVD recorder can read DVD Applications and Movies, but cannot read Blank DVDs. When I insert a Blank DVD, it reads it as a CD. When I insert an application DVD, it reads it perfectly. In My Computer, it says Memorex DVD-Ram (E: But when I insert a Blank DVD, My Computer turns Memorex DVD-Ram (E: into CD Drive (E: Now, Apparently I have 2 CD Drives. I really want to burn a DVD project but my program has to scan for an appropriate DVD to burn the project onto. When I click my Memorex DVD recorder, it says "No appropriate disc was found". So, I cannot create or burn any DVDs. Everything else works fine in the DVD recorder except Blank DVDs. I have one of the world's best type of Blank DVD (Maxell DVD+Rs). Does the brand of DVDs have anything to do with this situation? Are there any drivers or any type of tool that could fix this? What can I do to solve this problem? Please help me! Thanks.
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