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Scrap Computer

Postby mattc908 » Sun Jun 29, 2008 9:20 pm

Alright So I had a Dell XPS laptop, it was very nice, unfortunately the motherboard fried, and its past warranty so the Comp's motherboard from dell would be over $1000, My plans are to buy 3rd party stuff and just make a desktop out of it. I've built computers before but never from salvaged parts.

The biggest part of what I salvaged was the LCD:
The LCD Cord would plug into the graphics card here:

Processor: It seems to be a pentium 4 (year 04') version 2ghz 2m 533mhz what motherboard accepts this:

The HardDrive:

Grahpics card w/ HeatSink :

Now what motherboard would allow that port on the graphics card?
Thanks for all the help!!!
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