Hijack this Tutorials

If you're under attack by spyware, adware, malware or the likes, post your HiJack This! log here for analysis.


Hijack this Tutorials

Postby kindred » Sun Sep 12, 2004 8:20 pm

Here is where to start if you want to learn more about hijack this logs. This is a very, very powerfull tool. If used wrong it can make your computer useless untill you reformatt so if there is something you are unsure of please do not hesitate to pm me.

1. Get the latest HijackThis.exe. from here HIJACK THIS
Extract it from and save it in a permanent folder such as C:\HijackThis\.
Run it on your own PC so you see what it looks like to a user.

2.A very good tutorial, better than I am able to type or say is one from this website HIJACK THIS Tutorial.

3. Add a reply to Practice Log Basic, to assess your level of knowledge.
If you are experienced it should only take a few minutes. Don't peek at any previous replies! I will look at your reply. I'll give help and advice if you are floundering; otherwise I will invite you to go on to the more complex Practice logs

Copy the log to notepad on your own PC.
Prepare your reply.
Add it as a reply to the log.
Check the thread often to see if I have posted a comment for you.

You also need to start learning what to look for:EarMarks Of Infection

After a couple of you are through the practice log I will begin the tougher logs and go more into detail about specail tools to use to find more Hijackers, I would suggest downloading CWS Shredder.

Alright now its time to go to the test hijack this log and let me know what you think. As time alows I will be adding to to this and more tool. You have the basic ones. Google is an exellent tool as well for the procceses you dont know what are!

Good Luck
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