MAME Emulator Running On The PSP

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MAME Emulator Running On The PSP

Postby » Sun Jun 12, 2005 1:57 pm

Information = Arcade emulator for the PSP :)

Only works with Omega Fighter at this time. Left and Right on Dpad is OK :)

xmame for PSP - by Inao-sama (English readme by Smiths @ Emuholic [])

ver 0.1.1
+ Fixed sceCtrlRead (was slowing down older version)

ver 0.1
+ Works on hardware
+ Is slow

Place and xtinyrc.txt in a subfolder called /PSP/GAME/MAME on your memory stick
(When more games are supported dependancy on "omegaf" will change)

+ xtinyrc.txt

Circle - Button 1
X - Button 2
Square - Button 3
Triangle - Button 4
L - Button 5
R - Button 6
SELECT - Insert Coin
START + SELECT - Exit program

At the "type OK to continue" screen, move the D-PAD left then right to confirm

There is no sound
Any games with a bit-depth not equal to 8 will not work
This emulator has the drivers for: omegaf, darius, nova2001, and vanguard

This emulator is based on xmame-0.37b16.1
The code to fix functioning on PSP hardware came from the author of the NEOCD emulator. Thanks to him.
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