Making a homemade exhaust seperator

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Making a homemade exhaust seperator

Postby dragonmike » Thu Mar 03, 2005 11:47 pm

This guide is to rid yourself of your PSU exhaust going in your fan intake, if you have it like me. Heres somewhat of what the back of your computer might look like...


The red lines is heat getting sucked up through the intake fans. The blue? its cool air... duh

What your going to do is cut some cardboard to size to fit nicely around your fans, make sure the bottom peice extends about 1 1/2in out and tape OR glue it around your PSU exhaust fan. After youve got your cardboard cube taped OR glued nicely on, you should be able to look straight through the cardboardhole like this.


Now that you've got a card board box taped/glued around the fan take another square shaped peice of cardboard and make sure it is about the same size as the bottom peice of your cube... Then tape/glue it to the back so it should look like this. this is side view


If it doesnt look like a bicycle when your done, start over. Just kidding your done... I know there are kits that you can do this with but this you can save a few bucks with.

If I get enough requests ill post some pics of my comp with the finished product on it... I might start a tunneling system for my rear intake fans to suck some extra air directly onto the CPU.
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