New computer build looking for help

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New computer build looking for help

Postby mickspeak » Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:35 pm

well as you can tell by the topic name i am thinking about building myself a custom gaming computer, while i do know a little about this side of things i thought it would be best to get some expert opinions on the hardware i have picked out for this computer.

Motherboard- ... u=B69-4483
Case- ... CatId=1510
HDD- ... VIEWS#tabs
Power supply- ... ULT-LSP750
2x DvD- ... 1344%20OEM
Cooler- ... &CatId=499
4x ram- ... VIEWS#tabs
vid card- ... =A271-6850

any help at all would be greatly appreciated whether it be just a point in the right direction or somebody going full out to help me out.

ty for your time
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