New Anti Malware technology 'MPS' video

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New Anti Malware technology 'MPS' video

Postby u0vdsecurity » Tue Jul 22, 2008 2:43 am

This is some new Video of Venak and Avenak Detection Malware Scanner MPS Edition Standard version.
An Anti Malware Technology MPS (Main Protection System)
This is a new way to finding unknown malwares for going to next computer security.
What is the MPS?
MPS is a new method to find threats on computer systems, this method uses by a security model to analyze software resources on windows. This security model is analyzing the programs to find unknown threats.
MPS can analyze processes, Modules Kernel and Device Drivers, registry keys, windows services and ports and many other Security feature in windows.
This technique can find many kernel and user rootkits and rates them as a threats (based on security model methods).
MPS mechanism likes a biometric/Robot technology start to prevent attack from automatic application and can freeze them.
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