Acronis software problem please help

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Acronis software problem please help

Postby comus » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:35 pm

Hi all

any help would be appreciated on my particular problem

I have a copy of Acronis partion expert 2003 which i loaded quite easily on my my windows vista 64bit system, being given no warnings about compatability issues, i had used this prog succesfully on my previous XP based computer to partition drives.

after installing recently on my new system i had tryed to use it to create a partition on my C:\ Drive which is Huge, and i wished to create some free space, i know exactly how to use the product having used it successfully several times with my XP system.

when i tryed to use it on kept telling me it was "unable to gain singular acces to my hardrive so was unable to continue and would shut down"....i had planned to uninstall, but had not yet got round to it.

the problems started when I tryed to upgrade to Windows 7 and was told by the wizard that upgrade would not take place until the Acronis product was removed as it is not compatable with Windows 7
(the only prog on my computer that Windows 7 is incompatable with)

I duly uninstalled it by the prescribed and correct method, only to find that the system wouldnt boot back into windows.....after a system repair....i tryed using safe mode to uninstall the Acronis product....exactly the same thing happened again.
I would like to point out that my operationg system has been very reliable and has never locked up or crashed...until today.

it seems like the Acronis prog has locked itself it the operating system and is using files that Windows relies on tho not an expert under the hood so dont really know how to start editing registry entries....does anyone have any idea how i can safely uninstall this Prog without wrecking my operating system...and then i can upgrade to Windows 7 if i choose to.
Thanks for your suggestions in advance
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