iTunes - X's for Unmoved Songs Still on Computer

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iTunes - X's for Unmoved Songs Still on Computer

Postby ritzraff » Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:42 pm

Occasionally (well, it seems just about every time I boot up iTunes), when I click on a song to play it, I get that annoying little symbol next to it saying it's not found or can't be played. So I always have to go back to re-add the folder (the SAME folder) I always keep my music in (iTunes music folder). What is annoying me most about this is that it means I have to constantly re-add all my songs to my plethora of playlists.

Does anyone know why iTunes could be doing this? I recently got an external hard drive, but it even did this before that.

The songs are still on the computer, just not on playlists & must be readded to play in iTunes.

I just tested a theory, and this does indeed seem to be happening randomly. I've tried restarting my computer, connecting my iPod, and stripping a CD into the iTunes library. Apparently, right now none of that is messing with my playlists and giving me those beautiful x's. Anyone know what could be causing the seemingly random mess-up of my stuff?
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