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WiFi Programs

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 10:14 am
by vic
Does anyone know of any programs that are free that allow you to log onto wireless networks. I use netstumbler to locate the networks, but I need a program to actually log onto it. I know that windows xp has a sniffer built into the os, but I'm running 2k server for work. I had a program called the PCTel client, but it only gave me 30 days before I had to pay for it. :twisted:

PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 4:16 pm
see if any of these tools help.
Of course these tools are for educational purposes only.

Mabye one of you guys will help me out...

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 9:22 am
by lbreevesii
Alright guys, heres the deal. I'm running a 2.6HT prescott P4...yeah feel my pain on the heat. I would like ot know if anybody would be willing to help me tackle the heat issue. Does anybody have any leftover artic silver ceramique that they woudl be willing to donate?

Thanks guys

PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2005 2:04 pm
Nice to hear from you again Larry, but sorry I don't have any artic silver to donate....but isn't that stuff really cheap?