Webnetwork: Profile complete setting bug fix

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Webnetwork: Profile complete setting bug fix

Postby delle » Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:05 am

Webnetwork used to have a bug on it’s profile-completion feature.
Bug: Even if you set that profile must be completed after registration on admin, user can still navigate to Webnetwork’s inner pages even if profile is incomplete.
Solution: This error should be resolved in the next version of Webnetwork, however, if you want to get ahead and grab a fix of this issue, please follow the steps below:
Connect to your server-files via FTP.
Modify /engine/pages/registration_complete.php file and find this line:

if(strtolower($force_profile) == "on")
$this->_page_name = ‘create_profile’;

…replace it with:

if(strtolower($force_profile) == "on")

Hope that helps.

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