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The Mind Portal...Computer Programs for Portal Matrix Codes

PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 2:16 pm
by Jozen-Bo

I would like to present some work about something that is called the mind portal. I will post a picture so one can get an idea of what I am talking about, before diving into the focus of this thread.

(click on thumbnail to enlarge)

By jozenbo at 2008-01-22
(A blank Time Map, which can be used however one so desires and sees fit)

The Mind Portal is a curved spiral time map attractor graph for measuring patterns in time. One of its more curious ways of being used involves putting together a code to keep track on one's time. This is done by grouping the main areas of ones life and then further breaking those groups down into their respective functions. For example; is one works, then that this takes up usually 40 hours a week, it absorbs enough time to merit one of the major groups. Then; work could be broken down further as follows; worked a full day, missed a day, sick day, vocation day, weekend, late to work, promotion, raise, meeting, interview, etc. These sublists and lists are the first step to generating a code.

The second step involves placing the information into a system that quickly communicates the information while condensing it. For this, one needs a little rectangle that represents one day on the Mind Portal map. Take this rectangle and divide it into regions for each major regions one has. Then produce symbols within those regions to control information and quickly gather it as its location within the rectangle confers which major group it belongs to. These symbols can be mixed using form, count, and color. Count involves anything that implies a number; a square implies 4, a star implies 5, a triangle implies 3, etc. Form concerns itself with HOW the square or triangle is drawn. And color is self evident. To produce the symbols for a day code for tracking one's time, any one of these is enough. If they are mixed, then it is possible to contrive incredibly vast amounts of information into a small region, such as the curved rectangles within the Mind Portal map.

By jozenbo at 2008-03-21
(Color Example)

This example shows 5 bases and colors, these bases are divided into regions, yet there is no information from the sublists within those regions.

(Thumbnail of example code)

This colorless example shows a code where the base is filled with information, as this is defined by the person who uses this. If this code is spun, then it produces results on the perception and consciousness that are such that they are well worth studying. The list of these results is rather long, so I will abstain for listing them at this time.

Now that the reader has enough to figure out what I am talking about, I will get to the point of this thread.

Its not easy to put this into a code from a day to day basis. It requires a good deal of focus and takes a little time, though when people are tired, a little time being focused can become a little too much. So...I want to put together a program that automatically puts the information together into a grid that is stored digitally and can easily be printed out. Such a program I feel could very well be extremely valuable, and I seriously need it if I am going to configure as many information systems as I intend to.

How would this program work. First, one specifies the groups by given them key words into the system, then the sublists from those groups. The program then asks the user to break down the rectangle and there is a built in CADD program for putting together the symbols that go into those areas. Then, all the person has to do to put the code into the map is write down the key words, and the computer will take care of the rest. When the calendar is complete, the information can easily be printed at full size to yield a wonderful map for reviewing one's time. The program would also allow information and designing patterns of information, and make doing so very easy. The commands of such a program would need to be well set up, to allow a versatile range of possibilities. For example, if one wants to put words into the day units, then using the right commands, this could be done very easily. I WANT A PROGRAM LIKE THIS REALLY REALLY BADLY, and I am going to spear-head this operation until I have one. I am here asking for advice, I know very little about programming, but my father is one of the worlds best; so...I will have to give him a call soon. Though, I suspect that to REALLY put together a truly awesome program, as I want and need, it will require the collaboration of several programmers, so I am here asking and inviting anyone who has interest.

If this pans out, then whoever helps me with this project will be a partner and subject to the profits gained when such a program hits the markets. I sense that it shouldn't be too hard...if I can find the right you out there???

A big thanks to those who are!!!

As to what is currently available...

I will now share a link where this map can be downloaded for free, as I am sincere in my effort to help others to achieve a better understanding of self, as for one is for all. When even a single person can reach a better state of mind, then so is everyone else affected. Your successes reach into the collective mind of life, making everyone else better off. I hope many people get the most they can out of this. Also, in this link there is a Manual I wrote in two parts free for the downloading, it explains a lot about the Mind Portal, focusing on its over different uses, which includes dreams. The 36x38 files are for American printing standards (for full sized prints), and the A0 are for European printing standards. Please feel free to download these free files and have fun mapping out your dreams. Thank You! ... 640d402c70
(Link to free Map downloads)

Please...get involved. If you have any questions, comments, deals, insights, or want to express your interest in becoming a part of this project, please do post here!!!

Thanks again!


Re: The Mind Portal...Computer Programs for Portal Matrix Codes

PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 8:30 am
by Jozen-Bo
This may take some time to set up, I'll remain patient. When this gets set up it will be possible to configure many, many configurations in a very short time, thus it will be worth the effort!