Partner wanted for innovative projects/ventures

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Partner wanted for innovative projects/ventures

Postby fertyty » Thu Jun 19, 2008 6:59 am

Hey guys,

In short: looking for a partner who can code in xHTML/CSS/PHP/Javascript etc! I can't code at all, have only had breif encounters with coding in the past. I used to do web design (.PSD Design, Logo Design etc) but have been out of that field for a month or two now..

Now, I'm looking to re-enter the world wide web! No longer do I wish to design, I wish to develope. I want a partner to work with me on projects.. Not just boring information websites, innovative, unique websites, with potential!

So, what am I after?

* Someone who can code fluently to help me build the projects.
* Someone who is creative, can think outside the box and has a drive to innovateGuitar Tabs Bankroll Management
* Someone who IS interested in making something big, but is prepared to work to reach that goal.

Basically, I want to create some innovative projects. I'm always thinking of new ideas, trying to develope in my mind something new to bring to the web - but even when I do, I can't act upon it because I have nor the skills or the funds to create the site!

So, i'm after a partner, who will work with me, and is in it for the long run. We're not going to make a quick buck, but hopefully if we can work together and really push the limits, we'll be able to make some fantastic new projects - and hopefully find ourselves with a generous return!

Call me a dreamer, I personally like to feel i'm an innovator, so is there anybody like me, who wants to join me?

PM me or add me on MSN and we can get chatting.

Cheers everyone
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