Passing realtime data to web page via CSS

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Passing realtime data to web page via CSS

Postby pomader » Mon Apr 21, 2008 2:50 am

I have a number of data points that I want to display on a web page. At the moment I use Imagemagick and place the data items on a base image and just display the image. the data gets updated every 5 minutes. Data is for instance temperatures and pressures.

I was thinking if I could just write the data values into a very simple CSS sheet and get a form control (text box) on my web page, to show the value from the CSS. I ahve about 20 floating point numbers to show.

As I am new to CSS and forms, I was hoping someone could just show me how I declare a variable in the CSS and then show this variable in my web page text box.

thanks rob
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