System Running Slowly (please read)

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System Running Slowly (please read)

Postby StifflerXIII » Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:21 am

First off, my PC is old, like 4-5 years just keep that in mind. =)

So a few weeks ago, the power in my town was going out for maintenance.. so i Shut down my computer just to be safe. A few hours later the power goes out and come back on in 15 minutes. Then i go to turn my PC on and nothing happens... i keep trying and still nothing. So my power supply go fried and i had to replace it. (luckily got one for free)

So a week or so goes by and nothing seems wrong then all of the sudden my PC starts shutting down and when i start it it goes into a black screen. And when i finally get it on it runs really slow. Cant run any of my games, cant load web pages properly and when it does its really slow.. I have an ran Spyware Doctor and Eusing Free Registry Cleaner and it still runs very slow..

I dont know what to do any more and many some one could help?
If i can post ANYTHING to increase my odds of fixing this problem please let me know! (please use detail, not every savvy with these types of problems)

i will check this topic frequently, or untill fixed.

(P.S. - Google is giving me weird search results, all the links take me to the same place/search engine)
Thanks --Stiffler
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Re: System Running Slowly (please read)

Postby oldtimer » Tue Sep 30, 2008 7:36 pm

Try this do it all software free complete demo.I bought it. ... ional.html

Name your OS
How much RAM
Motherboard and cpu
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