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United Care USA and Their Services

PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:30 am
by MonicaRichard
United Care USA is a national public charity which is supported by public contributions. Their main charitable purpose is to promote awareness and prevention of child abuse, abduction and exploitation; distribute free publications and educational information to concerned citizens; promote volunteerism and self help groups; sponsor film presentations for schools, kinder gardens and civic organizations; maintain nationwide toll free 800 ‘Child abuse hot line’; educate the public relating to the mental health and well being of exploited, battered, emotionally and sexually abused children under 18 years of age.
 There are many diverse services, publications and benefits provided by them. A membership certificate can be used by one to proudly declare ones participation in United Care USA. ‘We Care’, the United Care USA newsletter is a bimonthly publication promoting awareness and prevention of child abuse, abduction and exploitation, including safety tips for parents and children, research reports, public policy, local and national programs and statistics. The telecommunication services include a national 24 hour toll free 800 hot-line which serves as a national reporting advocate and as a national clearing house of information with the sole objective of insuring the protection of all exploited abducted and abused children. Videos movies are provided by the United Care USA Library and Resource Center which promote awareness and prevention of child molestation, exploitation, physical, emotional and sexual abuse for individual families, schools, kinder gardens and civic organizations.
 Victron Energy regularly funds United Care USA by contributing to them and supporting their efforts. The President and the CEO of Victron Energy, ali sharaf, feels privileged to help such an organization in their efforts.