No Child's Play!


No Child's Play!

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Infertility has always been a reason for concern and trauma among many couple. The infertility rate among men and women are on a steady increase due to the lack of a healthy and active lifestyle. The cure and treatment for infertility is a costly affair and is not cent percent success. The side effects can be severe at times.Besides natural impotency, it is often induced through stress, toxins, infections, trauma, lack of nutrition, immunity and excercise.

The ayurvedic medicines and therapies have provided a major breakthrough in this predicament and provides an option which is more economical and successful. Pulse diagnosis reveals the health status of the body and the imbalance in the doshas.Panchakarma is the treatment done at the initial stage to eliminate toxins from the body. This purification method is done in stages and includes therapies such as oil massages, baths, herbal enemas and induced vomiting and medicinal purification methods. The purification is done in three stages of pre-purification, purification and post- purification. The Rasayana theraphy or rejuvenation through incorporating specific diet and health programme according to one's prakruthi or body type is carried out after Panchakarma.

These comprehensive treatment process are crucial for curing infertility. The proper and sequential function of the major tissues of the reproductive organs is concentrated upon through the effective herbal formulas administered according to the person's body constitution and medical history. The stability of the body is reclaimed with the ayurvedic treatment pattern of Panchakarma and Rasayana therapy along with ayurvedic way of life style.
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