Know more about maiden grass miscanthus


Know more about maiden grass miscanthus

Postby Frederick » Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:30 am

Many landscapers are choosing maiden grass miscanthus for their landscape because of its unique features. During many a pest and building inspection Sydney inspection experts advice house owners and landscapers to grow the plant in full sun and in moist but well drained soil. Various types of miscanthus flowers are recognized and most of them are widely known for their variegated foliage. One such is named as zebra grass whose scientific name is Miscanthus sinesis Zebrinus. This plant has horizontal yellow bands and is in arching form. Another variety is known as porcupine grass or Miscanthus sinesis Strictus which is specialized by horizontal yellow bands and an erect form. You will remember the rigidity of a porcupine’s quills. Still another variety is there which is named as variegated Japanese silver grass whose scientific name is Miscanthus sinesis Variegatus. This particular plant is noted for its vertical white strips along the edges and its arching form.
If you are serious about growing maiden grass in your landscape, you should well be aware about the various requirements of the plant for a better appearance. This plant requires some room because its clumps get quite large eventually. You should treat the plant carefully and divide every few years to spread the wealth and keep the clumps more manageable. As you know each plant needs unique care and protection and if you are keen enough to look for the special interests of the plant you surely could be able to care them more and get a better result.
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