how much could i get for this pc


how much could i get for this pc

Postby Borg3127 » Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:50 pm

hey guys, i built a pc a while back and was thinking about selling it, it looks and acts basically brand new, but my reason for selling is so i can buy parts for another pc to sell, and continue this to start a business. here are the parts that i have in it ... 6819115018 ... 6811144152 ... 6835118019 ... 6817139001 ... 6827106073 ... 6820231112 ... 6814130304 ... 6822136204 ... 6813131142

i added all of those parts up, and it's about 1080 for price, i spent almost 1400 on all of those parts when i bought them,any chance i can make a profit and sell it for at least 1600???
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