Kaon Technologies launches BorderWare Security Server Firewa



Kaon Technologies launches BorderWare Security Server Firewa

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BorderWare Technologies' new firewall hardware platform builds on eight years of New Zealand Borderware Firewall implementation by Kaon Technologies.

Launched in 1995 as a turnkey software firewall with hardened operating system, Borderware have today announced the availability of a range of rack mount hardware appliances to run the Borderware Firewall Server system.

Using high quality, high performance industry standard components, the BorderWare Security Server is designed for demanding network environments, and has been optimized for use with BorderWare's software. Rigorous quality testing ensures reliable and continuous operation. The Security Server is pre-installed with the latest version of the BorderWare Firewall Server. From unpacking the system to making the first network connection takes only a few minutes.

The BorderWare Firewall Server running on the Security Server delivers an EAL4+ certified solution that is unmatched in the scope of covered functions and features. Designed as a robust firewall with the highest level of certification available, the BorderWare Firewall Server includes dual DNS, mail and web proxies, base web and pop mail servers, cache and built in application level proxies for most business services. These standard services can be extended to include VPN and web content control as purchasable options. For many organisations the integral servers reduces the amount of hardware required to support secure internet connectivity.

The BorderWare Firewall Server was awarded the first ever Common Criteria EAL4 certification in January 2000, that certification was augmented with Flaw Remediation. This means that not only is the standard release of the product certified, but the patches and minor fixes are also covered.

Recognizing that the BorderWare Firewall Server was not only the first Firewall to receive an EAL4 certification, but also the first to get an augmented EAL4, the Common Criteria Organization upgraded the Borderware Firewall security status to EAL4+.

Borderware is widely deployed in New Zealand government, local government, education and business organisations that demand high level internet security at a price that is acceptable.

Tony Krzyzewski, Kaon Technologies Managing Director says, "The addition of these new hardware platforms answers a demand from our customers and we expect them to be popular both with existing sites and new customers. We made our first R1200 sale within four hours of the product being announced."

The appliances range from the R1200 mini 1U appliance at $3000 + GST, through the R2500 appliance at $5300 + GST through to the raid equipped R4000 appliance at $11,500 + GST. Borderware Firewall Software licenses are additional.

In association with the launch of the Security Server, Kaon Technologies today announced a 30% reduction in the base license price of the Borderware Firewall Server license for all orders processed by June 30th 2003.

The discounted license prices, including first year support and updates ranges from $1735 + GST for ten protected devices up to $19,080 + GST for unlimited protected devices. Licenses are available for 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and unlimited devices and extensive discounts are offered for packs of three and six unlimited licenses. The BorderWare Firewall Server runs on either the BorderWare Security Appliance or on standard PC platforms and comes with the hardened S-Core operating system.

For further information:

Contact: Tony Krzyzewski
Kaon Technologies Ltd
Ph 09 274 1590
Email info@kaon.co.nz
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